Monday, 7 January 2013

Added T3 (Cytomel) To My Regimen

The more I learned about what I need and what I am still missing from my treatment, the more I realized that T3 is a necessary additive to my regular regiment. Thankfully I found T3 pills at the local pharmacy (pills made in Greece, see image above) - the pharmacist only has a couple of boxes that he orders specifically for 2-3 people who actually are aware of T3 and are brave enough to order it), so he added me to the list as well.

About 4 days ago I started to take T3. The pills I got from the pharmacy are 25mcg, but for me this is quite a big dose to start from the beginning, so I broke the pill in 3 and took 8.3 mcg per day around 2 pm. Basically Cytomel should be started on a low dose and then slowly increased until the optimal level is reached.

The first day I took it, I felt simply great. I had more energy than in a long time - this is when I realized just how debilitating hypothyroidism can be! Without realizing over time I became a recluse, almost anti-social, and my energy level was really bad as well. I didn't feel like doing any work at all, I would just stare at my computer screen for a long time without actually doing anything meaningful. And sadly, because has happened gradually, I ended up believing that this is normal, it's just 'my character'.

Well that day proved that it isn't! I got more work done than in a long long time. I had more energy, was more chatty, I simply felt great.

So I've decided that this is what I'll start with: thyroxine at 7 am with water, after which I would sleep one extra hour (thyroxine need at least 30 minutes to one hour or even more to be taken before food, so it ends up being absorbed in the body). And around 1-2 pm a quarter pill T3, which would start work about 1-2 hours after, so that by the time my energy level is most down and I'm most sluggish in the day, the effect would kick in, almost like caffein. Not because it is an energy booster, but because it gives extra T3 hormones to the body that it so much needs.

The next two days were kind of uneventful in terms of T3, I am now taking it around 1 pm sublingual, so it doesn't interfere with lunch.

Today, however, I woke up in the morning very sleepy, sluggish and quite 'out there'. I think I'm getting a cold because my throat is acting up the last few nights as well, and I'm sneezing quite often in the day. The whole morning I've been quite bad, hardly working at all, so at 1 pm I decided that I'll up my dose of T3 to half a pill, 12.5 mcg. Anyway this dose has to be upped after about a week and properly adjusted until I get the optimal amount of T3 in my body, I just did it 2 days earlier.

Right now as I'm writing this, I feel much better. Still a bit sleepy, but much less than just a few hours before. I actually wanted to go to sleep after lunch, but in the end I might just skip napping altogether.

I will stay on 12.5 mcg for now and we'll see how it goes. If I get too hyper, then I'll go back to 8.3 mcg.

Update: Well, today overall was a rather crappy day. I did go to sleep for about 2 hours in the afternoon, and overall my energy level was very down, and did hardly any work. I just couldn't focus, bring up the energy to do anything meaningful with my time. I felt like somebody gave me some sleeping pills and left me to my devices. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.


  1. "I didn't feel like doing any work at all, I would just stare at my computer screen for a long time without actually doing anything meaningful.": that's exactly how I feel when it's time to have my dosage and bloodwork done. Usually it will be worst in the afternoon.

    Last time I was stupid and thought it was postpartum and went over 6 months before my mom remind me that it was maybe time to have some bloodtest (I had the same dose for 3 years prior to that) and she was right, my doctor was not too happy when he saw my result (said I should know better than wait that long to check my levels) and he up my dose quite a lot and everything was back to normal. Until next time (my mom had the same dose all her life but me it seems to just get lazier and lazier...I am now on my third thyroid dosage)

  2. Wow that's awful indeed. Glad you got it sorted with upping the meds.
    Are you taking only thyroxine? How much are you taking per day?

  3. I take levothyrox 150 µg (that's the French version of Synthroid in Canada/USA) and yes that's only the thyroxine pill. Never heard about Cytomel, I'll talk to my doc about this next time I see it. I feel very good, almost 100% ok, but there a little something missing, not sure how to put it, a little spark I will say.