Friday, 11 January 2013

Proof That I Do Need T3 - Treating The Body Based On Symptoms Not On Blood Test

One of the main problems I'm struggling is constipation, and it's especially bad now since I'm hypo. Based on feedback from other people who have this problem (and also confirming with the gastroenterologist), I started to take magnesium and Vitamin C, and like I mentioned in an earlier post, I'm going like clockwork.

About 3 days ago I stopped to take Cytomel (T3) because I was thinking that when I'll have in February the blood tests done, I don't want the results to be skewed with the addition of T3. However much to my surprise, again I started to have constipation from the very next day, even though I was still taking the magnesium and Vitamin C regularly. At the time I put it on 'hm, magnesium doesn't work as it should be'.

Yesterday, however, I remembered that I was no longer taking T3 and started to think...what if? So I decided to take T3 again, so I cut a pill in half, and took 12.5 mg sublingual, and of course as usual, in the evening I took my dose of magnesium and Vitamin C before going to bed.

This morning, after breakfast, finally I had another bowel movement, without any problems, straining and whatnot.

Then I started to think, indeed my body does need the active T3, because without it, the symptoms of hypothyroidism came back with a vengeance, despite me taking magnesium. So then I figured, this is what people talk about when they say that before the blood test became so important for doctors, they were treating people with hypo based on their symptoms, to make them feel better, and not merely relying on a blood test which might imply that the results are 'normal', the thyroid is functioning 'normal', even when the person is feeling like crap.

So from now on  I'll keep on taking T3 and we'll just see what the blood results will show when I'll have them done. Feeling better means more to me than avoiding skewed results in some blood tests that might not even be meaningful for my treatment.

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